Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity fuels creativity, drives innovation, and inspires expression

The Eskenazi School actively upholds diversity, equity, and inclusion as critical principles of our research, teaching, and service. We validate the voice and potential of every member of our community, strive to create a culture where difference is valued, and celebrate multiple perspectives within and beyond the School. We believe that social and cultural consciousness can inspire meaningful dialogue and empower all to become influential and fulfilled citizens of the world.

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Sachet Watson

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Sachet Watson
(812) 855-5699

Our values: inclusive excellence, cross-cultural understanding, a broad definition of diversity, regard for marginalized voices, and equality and equity for all people

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Daniel Martinez, Co-chair—Assistant Professor, Architecture
  • Sachet Watson, Co-chair—Diversity + Inclusion Coordinator, Eskenazi and Jacobs Schools
  • Toni Arcuri—Graduate Coordinator
  • Dorian Bybee—Lecturer, Interior Design
  • Deb Christiansen—Executive Director Of Academics + Senior Lecturer, Fashion Design
  • Jenny El-Shamy—Senior Lecturer, Graphic Design
    • Carissa Garletts—Recruitment + Admissions Coordinator
    • Dayjah Lee—Undergraduate student
    • Cara Mason—Graduate Recruitment Coordinator
    • Joseph Ovalle—Graduate student
    • Jooyoung Shin—Assistant Professor, Fashion Design
    • Megan Tansley—Human Resources Manager