Christyl Boger

Christyl Boger

Associate Professor

  • Fine Arts Building 147
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  • M.F.A., Ohio University


I have always been interested in the strange balancing act that is life of the social human animal: in impulse and control, individual versus group, and the fragile and the vulnerable veneer of our shared cultural behavior. Finding a physical form for these thoughts has involved incorporating two additional parameters. The first is a concern for the issues of representation which necessarily arise with the decision to work figuratively. The second is a commitment to the contemporary possibilities of the ceramics medium, with all of its complex associations. My intent has been to explore the areas where these concerns intersect. The resulting work expresses a psychology of the “domestic” figure. It draws an equation between the figure and the decorative ceramic object to create a metaphorical representation of a human subject shaped by codified social and cultural traditions yet conflicted by the pull of unnamable desires.