Carissa Carman

Carissa Carman

Area Coordinator, Fibers

Lecturer, Fibers

  • Fine Arts Building 405
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  • M.F.A., Fibres and Material Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, QC


My goal is to prompt viewers into being involved, playing, or laughing by being sincerely engaged. I use everything from food to printed materials, edibles, and services, as well as imagination, education, and humor in an attempt to make a community wherever I go. I want art to take me out of the studio and into the streets, immersing and collaborating in service industry, science, local food, or ecology.

Sometimes, I want to turn my art-making into a business. I want to have an excuse to approach all the occupations that my father told me I could have when I was twelve years old. So I’ve become, in the past, a taxi driver, a postmaster, a merchant, a baker, a gardener; each time learning skills applicable to life while being able to change the understood rules of the profession, tricking participants into rethinking their understandings of each of these roles.