Jeeyea Kim

Jeeyea Kim

Assistant Professor, Architecture

  • (812) 856-7623
  • The Republic Building 142
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  • M.Arch., UCLA, 2010
  • B.S., Architecture Engineering, Chung-Ang University (Seoul, South Korea), 2004


Jeeyea Kim is an architectural designer from Seoul, South Korea. Before joining the faculty, she worked for several years at a number of cutting-edge design offices, including PATTERNS, DavidClovers, GEA in Los Angeles, and MAD in Beijing. Her professional work experience has involved a diverse set of projects including art installations, product design, residential design, office headquarters, cultural centers, museums, and urban design. Her work, [Spinal Tap] and [Literally Twisted], has been exhibited in Los Angeles and Beijing. Her work utilizes a spectrum of conventional and high-tech mediums, such as 3D digital modeling, parametric modeling, and many different types of digital fabrication. As a lecturer in the Interior Design program, she teaches core studios as well as a foundational course on the use of computer software for 2D and 3D design.