Eve Mansdorf

Eve Mansdorf

Associate Professor, Painting

  • emansdor@indiana.edu
  • Studio Arts Annex A222
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  • M.F.A., Brooklyn College


Eve received a B.S. from Cornell University and a M.F.A. in Painting from Brooklyn College in 1990. She exhibits her work at First Street Gallery in New York City. Her work can be seen on their web page and on studiomatters.com.

“My primary interest has been in painting the human figure in an interior space. I have been grappling with the problems of combining an oversized format, traditionally the venue of public and heroic painting, with, instead, an emphasis on the private and domestic. I see the still lifes as very related to the figure paintings. Often many of the same objects exist in both. In my most recent still lifes I have been thinking about possessions and their legacy (having recently lost a parent). As in the figure paintings I would like the still lifes to be able to hold several levels of meaning. There is often a sense of pun to them and also a literary quality—I am seeking a painting equivalent for the way in which, in a novel, a characterization can be conveyed by how the surface of things is presented.”