C. Tom Mitchell

C. Tom Mitchell

Associate Professor, Interior Design

  • mitchelc@indiana.edu
  • (812) 855-6425
  • Kirkwood Hall 212
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  • Ph.D., Psychology and Fine Art, Reading University (UK), 1987
  • M.S., Alternative Energy for Developing Countries, Reading University (UK), 1984
  • B.Arch., University of Tennessee, 1983


Tom Mitchell is an Associate Professor of Interior Design, teaching courses on design methods, history, and theory. He is also adjunct faculty in the School of Informatics and Computing where he teaches Human-Computer Interaction Design. In addition to being a former chair of AMID, he is an expert on the experiential and perceptual aspects of design, including how design can be engaged for greater user functionality and responsiveness. He is the author or co-author of four books including Redefining Design: From Form to Experience, which was selected as one of the “Best Books in Print” by the New York Review of Books’ Reader Catalog, and User Responsive Design: Reducing the Risk of Failure.