Caleb Weintraub

Caleb Weintraub

Area Coordinator, Painting

Associate Professor, Painting

  • Studio Arts Annex AZ 104
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  • M.F.A., University of Pennsylvania


Caleb Weintraub has exhibited nationally and internationally. He is represented by the Peter Miller Gallery in Chicago. Weintraub is the current area coordinator of Painting at Indiana University Bloomington. In his recent work, he integrates digital processes with traditional painting techniques to evoke hypothetical realities.

Weintraub states, “I explore clichés, turn them on their heads . . . art historical clichés, orientalist clichés, emotional clichés. I sift through cultural, religious, and political forces and comment on the nature of influence. I dream up a place that is the result of a civilization saturated with information—a culture that is exhilarating, disturbing, and opaque.” Weintraub’s pedagogical approach centers on what he calls, “visual research for visual people." He encourages students to catalog and analyze visual information—not confined to painting and traditional arts—in order to draw links, and to develop an understanding of one’s work in a broad context. In referencing this brand of “lateral thinking” with regard to his own work he says, “It is as much informed by Rousseau and Van der Weyden as it is by Thom Browne (fashion designer), Seydou Këita (photographer), and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (filmmaker).”