Metalsmithing + Jewelry Design Facilities

Metalsmithing + jewelry design facilities

Metalsmithing and jewelry design students have access to a range of traditional materials and innovative technologies—from smithing stakes and hammers to 3-D modeling software. Housed in the Fine Arts Building, metalsmithing and jewelry design facilities consist of two recently renovated undergraduate classrooms, a newly renovated graduate studio with individual Otto Frei workbenches and flexible shaft machines, a graduate tool room, a sound-proofed smithing room, and a chemical room.

B.F.A. + M.F.A. studios

The metalsmithing and jewelry design B.F.A. studio has four professional jeweler’s workbenches, along with a chemical enclosure with an annealing area under a ventilation hood.

The M.F.A. studio has six private cubicles that are equipped with professional jeweler’s workbenches with torches and individual ventilation snorkels. M.F.A.s have access to their own computer (with Adobe Suite and 3-D modeling software) and two printers, in addition to a digital camera and professional lighting setup. The graduate room also has a separate tool room with a large collection of stakes and hammers, a metal flat file with specialized tools, and a set of shelves with specialized hand tools.