Fibers in a contemporary art practice

The fibers area at the School of Art, Architecture + Design supports an expansive approach to fiber and material studies. The technical, conceptual, and creative aspects of fibers and textiles are interlaced in the curriculum, enabling students to challenge how fiber interacts with contemporary practice in form and in content. Students pursue thematic and material investigations that further their understanding of both historical contexts and contemporary applications.

Dye, stitch, weave, and more

Our large fibers facilities are fully equipped with 25 Macomber looms, large print tables, a darkroom facility with a vacuum exposure unit for silkscreening, and other tools for students to explore for their innovative works.

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Text + texture

Students are encouraged to explore the interdisciplinary, relational, performative, historical, cultural, social, and site-specific nature of fibers and textiles in a contemporary art context.

Visiting artists

Through the McKinney Visiting Artist Series, the fibers program hosts nationally and internationally recognized artists to meet with students, present their work, and give workshops and individual critiques.

Some of our past visiting artists include:

Sonya Clark
Anne Wilson
Dave Cole
Piper Shepard
Akemi Nakano Cohn
Sachio Yoshioka

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Alumni making their mark

Renie B. Adams

M.F.A., '73

Renie B. Adams currently works in a fiber arts position at the School of Art at Northern Illinois University, where she teaches workshops for beginners in fiber techniques with emphasis on design and expression. Her work is featured in a variety of national collections, including those at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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