Studio art alumni stay connected through university careers

Studio art alumni stay connected through careers at Indiana University Communications.

Department of Studio Art at Indiana University Bloomington offers a variety of disciplines in the arts and creates career opportunities for graduating and graduated studio art students. These careers allow alumni to practice the skills and education they received at IU, while sustaining alumni connection to the IU Bloomington community.

An integral part of Indiana University is its brand, which is maintained and supported by the IU Communications’ Creative Services team—the marketing and advertising engine of IU. Several of those working in the Creative Services office are studio art alums at IU.

Kate Robinson graduated from IU in 2000 with a B.A. in studio art and a concentration in graphic design. Robinson, Assistant Director of User Interaction, expounded on Creative Services. “It is a division of IU Communications which also includes informational and emerging technologies, client relations and strategic partnerships, visual and audio services, and news and media. We don’t do all of the communications and marketing for the university, but we do a large portion.”

Robinson explained her job with IU’s Creative Services. “I primarily do information architecture (site maps, wireframes, data structure, etc.), and I manage a small team of information architects and front-end programmers. Our team is the hub of a web project as we work extensively with designers, writers, and back-end developers throughout all phases of a web project.”

Creative Services is currently working on two websites for Department of Studio Art, which Robinson explained as, “A portal site for the proposed School of Art and Design and a website for the Department of Studio Art.”

Kay Daniel is an IU studio art alumna with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in photography. Daniel recalled her time as a student of the SoFA. “I do remember learning to always use the right tool for the job. It was a good place to develop a think skin. I really enjoyed graphic design.”

Daniel is the Print Production Coordinator in the Creative Services office. “I work with project managers and designers to come up with print specifications. Then I get print quotes and pretty much handle the job once it leaves our office and goes to the printer. I make sure we get a high-quality job for a reasonable price and developed on time. I want everything we produce to look exceptional.”

At Creative Services, Nancy Webber is the Marketing Project Manager for IU ceremonies, special events, academic initiatives, and arts projects. Webber received a B.A. in graphic design from IU, and she recollected her time as a student of the SoFA. “My time studying studio fine arts coursework so many years ago taught me not only technique, but how to recognize inspiration and apply it in my work and my world. My creative process of learning, teaching, designing, organizing, and applying all that was internalized has stayed with me throughout and empowered me as my life has unfolded as a designer, art teacher, and communication and marketing professional, and as a mother and wife.” Webber also holds a Master of Science in Industrial systems Technology. She is currently finishing a doctorate in arts education at IU, emphasizing in visual culture, postmodern thought, critical theory and public art.

Other IU SoFA alumni and related team members working in Creative Services are Tim Keller, Director, Creative Services; A.J. O’Reilly, Designer; Rick Faris, Designer; Jeff Green, Designer; AnnaRose Girvin, Junior Designer; and Stephanie Kim, Design Intern (current M.F.A. graphic design candidate).