Students working with wood type.
A person taking a photo in a photo studio.
A person leads a ceramics demonstration.

Studio Art spaces

The nine areas that make up studio arts have facilities that span the campus, encompassing 175,000 square feet in six buildings. Each studio area has ample studios, classrooms, workshops, and gallery spaces dedicated to its area practices and research. Equipped with the highest-quality tools and materials, our students confidently explore their crafts unbounded.

Our home in Kirkwood Hall

The Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design houses apparel merchandising, interior design, and fashion design in the renovated Kirkwood Hall. In addition to existing fine arts facilities on campus, the Studio Arts Annex houses ceramics, printing, and sculpture on 13th and Woodlawn.

Merchandising + design spaces

The newly renovated Kirkwood Hall is home to apparel merchandising, comprehensive design, interior design, and fashion design, with some shared space for studio art areas. The 1894 building in the Old Crescent is also home to a unique student technology center Kirkwood Hall 016, a collaborative cutting-edge technological, instructional, and study environment for students.

The space includes 20 Macs with a variety of development software tools, including a high-powered gaming computer system where students can experience virtual reality using Vive headgear. In addition, there are three collaborative breakout areas where students can brainstorm and work on projects through whiteboards, while connecting to flat panels using a wireless collaboration software called Mersive Solstice.

Two people drawing.
Two students in a classroom.
Four students working on computers.

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